SmartAC Charger

Product highlights

  1. Industrial grade design with durable configuration and , customizable layout
  2. Industrial grade Interactive LCD/LED screen
  3. Safe for human andvehicle under strict electrical protection standard.
220Vac (VAC), one-way, 50Hz
Rated voltage
GPS WIFI Ethernet
Network Options
8A to 32A (Max. value)
Input current
IP Protection

Customization Options

Rack-based and Wall-mounted

Color Options:GH Red, Starry Blue and Si-Fi Silver

Three product modes ofcharging

On Plug

Charging your Vehicle by connect with the charger.On Plug is appliedto private charging sites, such asprivate garage or Private parking lot, where users don’t have to private access to the parking spot.

On Swipe

Swiping an IC card to unlock the charger is required before charging your vehicle with the charger. On Swipe is applied to public charger or Shared chargerson where an initial customer identification was is required.

On Internet

Equipped with a communication module, the charger can interactive with customer with a touchscreen. process the pament via Matrix APP or mainstream online payment methods. On Internet charger is fully capable for charging station operators, property managers and EV operators by managing the charging process both on site and remotely, in a low-cost and high-effective measure.

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