About Us

Chongqing Guohan Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a data-driven energy AIoT company. It is the first energy high-tech enterprise in China to enter new energy vehicle charging solutions. The company provides customers with fully intelligent charging equipment and related hardware with data running through IoT, ai intelligent energy management, data operation, and overall energy solutions for new energy vehicles.

Guohan Energy's first phase focuses on the construction of IoT intelligent charging equipment, independently develops and produces a full range of charging equipment, equipped with intelligent charging software systems and mobile Internet applications, and its product line covers DC, AC charging pile, portable charger, charging facility installation, charging operation system, charging energy storage equipment, energy router, intelligent controller, intelligent access terminal, etc. The products strictly follow the national standards and have passed various standardized certifications such as iatf6949, ISO9001, ISO 200, OHSAS18001, CQC, etc., and have won nearly patents in related technical fields. The company provides hardware + software + installation + operation integrated service benchmark, responding to customer customization development, product matching, program design, construction and operation and other multi-level needs. The charging facilities installation service network covering major cities in the country has been built, providing an overall solution combining charging and energy storage, and building hundreds of turnkey projects with high standards.

In the second phase, Guohan Energy will focus on energy trading and infrastructure racetracks, and vigorously carry out self-investment projects and partner co-construction plans.

In the future, Guohan Energy will link green energy with data-driven upgraded terminal products and technologies to serve the global new energy automobile industry and promote the development of the new energy industry.

Facts and Milestones

Company Memorabilia
Product And Technology
The company was established to focus on new energy charging
Complete the development of PV + AC charging technology
Achieve strategic cooperation with Tesla and carry out national service support for overcharging and home charging.
Complete DC charging pile product development
Establish the largest charging service network in the country
National first matrix charging cloud service, "pile master" installation Cloud Service
Strategic cooperation with 15 well-known vehicle factories
National first pulsar, shared box charging products
Enterprise positioning transformed into data-driven energy AIoT company
National First Energy stack, charging stack series products
Release the national "Constellation plan" and "partner plan"
National first EMS-VISON energy management system platform

Enterprise Honor

Since the establishment of Guohan energy, it has concentrated its efforts to organize research and development, has a perfect product system and mature core technology, and has won the advantages of national and national intellectual property rights, A series of honors such as the top ten brands of charging piles in China and the most influential brands of the year. So far, Guohan energy has become an enterprise with both innovation and technical strength in the charging industry.

The Partners

Guohan Energy is based on high-quality products and services through in-depth exploration in the industry and accurate analysis of customer pain points, it has won the trust of customers in the fields of mainframe factories, energy companies, real estate properties, transportation and so on, and has become the preferred partner for new and old car-making forces and energy industry giants at home and abroad.

Company Qualification

Guohan energy independently develops software and hardware products, and the whole series of products have passed strict certification of international standardization such as iatf6949, ISO9001, ISO, OHSAS18001, CQC, etc.

Patented Certification

Guohan energy has a strong and perfect patent system, covering all core charging technologies in the market, winning nearly 200 invention patents, and successfully being selected as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise in 2019.

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