Fast and Ultra-fastDC Charger

Fast DC Charger

Aesthetic all weather anti-erosion enclosure. Up to 1.8m cabinet height and pump-like connector design lead to safe usage under all-weather condition Engineered for safety with emergency stop button, 2M and extendable cable with a power input from AC 3 phase 380V. Internet based, self-diagnosis system for trouble shooting, remote monitor and upgrade function enabled.

Input voltage

Three-phase 380V

Output voltage range


Socket Cable length

3m (can be extended based on customer needs )

IP protection

IP 54 water proof and dust proof

Mini Cabinet DC Charger

(With Wall-mounted/Rack-type Option)

Easy and quick to install. Slimmer dimension for a more flexible site selection.

Integrated internet service and user friendly interactive touchscreen.

Low operating noise. High charging efficiency.

Output power range: 15kW~30kW

Working environment and application: indoors, outdoors, retailers, EV rental/sharing, parking operators.

Dual connector ultra-fast DC charger

The higher outlet helps operator to save effort by half.

The connector is mounted similar with the one mounted at a gas station, with much more affinity. High level of protection design proved by major automakers.

Output power range: 120kW~300kW

Power assigned to each connector: in mutual or in rotation

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