Swift Portable Charger

Product Highlights

  • 1. Best ergonometric design with ultra-sleek layout
  • 2. High-strength engineering plastics featured with excellent engineering performance
  • 3. Optional inbedded automatic coiling mode, makes the products portable and usable
  • 4. 8A and 13A output option can adopt to different charging scenarios

220VAC, 50Hz

Rated voltage

8A to 32A (Max)

Input current



-40℃ ~ +75℃

Storage temperature

Comprehensive Safety Design

1. IP65 water-proof and dust-proof

2. Strict electrical safety design

3. High testing standard

4. 100% accordance with engineering standard, full insulated

1. Easy to connect for charging

2. Apply to three-hole socket or two-hole socket (optional)

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