Are you still worried about how to do more effective

prevention and control measures during the epidemic?

With "it", you will be more worry-free! Peace of mind! Rest assured!

Accurate Temperature Measurement, Fast High Efficiency

Equipped with high-precision imported infrared thermometer probe array, the accuracy and efficiency of temperature detection are greatly improved, and non-contact and non-stop rapid screening of heating personnel is realized.

360-Degree All-directional Rapid Spray Disinfection

The rapid spray start-up and complete atomization technology of the high-sensitivity multi-spray device is adopted, and special disinfection products are used to realize full coverage of disinfection space.

High-Precision Face Camera, Real-Time Capture Non-Delay

The virus hunter detection and elimination cabin monitoring platform has the face monitoring function of floating population, and the system is equipped with a high-precision video monitoring system, video screening, Photo recording, data uploading, image tracking and other functions are carried out on individuals who have undergone temperature measurement and comprehensive disinfection by the VH-1 system. When the system recognizes a high-temperature individual, it will automatically start the camera to retain the image, upload it to the cloud through 4G network, and perform alarm pop-up and picture retention functions in the monitoring system.

Powerful Cloud Services And Real-Time Monitor Feature

Based on IoT and big data analysis technology, all device status and behavior data are uploaded to the cloud, and powerful map display, report analysis and abnormal area identification functions are realized through ai algorithm blessing, and can be connected to the government-level big data platform to achieve data interconnection.

It is suitable for use in enclosed spaces or crowded occasions such as airports, docks, stations, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, stadiums, hotels, entertainment venues, factories and office buildings.

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